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  • New help with my PPC

    So I have been running a PPC campaign on automatic and when I pull the search terms report, all I get is * for keywords? How do I check what keywords people are clicking on?

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    You need to make a, "Manual Campaign" and select ( Suggested Keywords )

    What this does : Amazon will pull keywords based on your listing, that they think users search for and you have the option to add all or pick what keywords you want to add.. After weeks go by, you will be able to pull up a search term report and see the data..
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      Hello Winter,
      The way I use the automatic PPC I run it on a low bit- 6 cent for a 2 weeks. I will generate report. The report will come in .TXT file. I will open it will Excel. It will generate some errors but will be readable . When in excel the 3 colon will be "Customer Search terms" The next will be "Keyword"(will have all stars). When you run auto PPC the column with "customer search terms" is the one we need.
      After that get all the keyword that are related to the listing and add manual campaign PPC. I would continue to the automatic and will increase the bit. Run it for another 2 weeks. And after 2-3 increases you will a good idea of what keywords are converting and how much will cost you. There are some expensive keywords in every niche that are worth betting and some not. Good luck


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        Ps. In some cases I leave automatic PPC running constantly on low bid. This way I continue to optimize the listing and manual PPC. Just make sure rate of return is still good.


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          Fantastic advise thank you very much Praseto


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            After give you some suggestion i need not know more about your camping.The ppc camping before start you need to find the trendy keyword for only related on your product, After done research then start next process. Place suggested bid for every keyword then it will get good performance.