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How To Buy Mixed Pallets For Amazon FBA

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  • How To Buy Mixed Pallets For Amazon FBA


    Every so often big brands and other smaller stores have to get rid of merchandise that is overstocked, goods that are returned by customers and items that have gone out of fashion. Instead of throwing them away, stores will typically sell them to liquidating or wholesale clearing houses at salvage price or one that is significantly lower than the retail price.

    Inside Pallet Box
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    Liquidators and wholesalers purchase these items and pack them in pallets for sale to customers on the cheap. A pallet is simply a large box into which merchandise has been packed. Savvy buyers can make a killing from pallets by selling them on Amazon FBA or selling on eBay.

    If you are just starting out selling pallets, the following tips will help you avoid common newbie pitfalls and ensure that you get a high return on your investment as soon as possible. Keep in mind, pallets are a risk and there is no guarantee

    Pallet Box Wrapped Up
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    Avoid getting scammed

    Newbies who are just getting started in selling pallets sometimes fall prey to scammers and unscrupulous companies that sell pallets in which a high percentage of the goods are damaged. As a result, the buyer finds that he is unable to sell the items as new and forced to make extensive repairs before selling the product. This is where eBay does serve its purpose and you can list the non FBA items on. Think of the item as if you purchased it on Amazon and expect it to be/look new. If you are not sure about the item condition always go with eBay, so you don't get a ding on your Amazon FAB account ( messing up the metrics )

    One of the best ways to avoid getting scammed is ensuring to purchase pallets from legitimate and reputable companies with good customer reviews. You can find out which pallet companies are legitimate by looking them up in the better business bureau or going through customer reviews and satisfaction ratings. Another rule of thumb is to purchase items that are new condition and able to download a manifest of whats in the box.

    After receiving the pallet sort your merchandise

    Most pallets come with mixed goods in varying conditions so you will need to sort them out into their particular categories. Since purchasing a pallet is a risky venture with potential for garnering you great returns, you should always be prepared to receive damaged goods and have steps in place to mitigate any losses you may incur.

    In the meantime, whatever the condition of the goods you have received, ensure you sort them into their respective categories, putting the usable goods together and separating the items that need fixing before they can be sold from the ones that are completely unsalvageable. You will end up with two piles, one that is hopefully larger for Amazon FBA and the other for eBay. To avoid getting a pallet in which the greater percentage of goods is damaged, make sure that you only purchase from pallet stores which provide a manifest of every item that they are shipping to you together with descriptions, UPC Codes and other relevant information.

    Enlist the help of friends and family

    Once you have done your research and taken the necessary steps to ensure that you get a pallet with high quality merchandise, and have worked out how to set the items into their different categories, find a few people to help you with this task and the additional one of packing your goods into different boxes.

    Working on the pallet yourself can often be exhausting and may even cause you to miss important deadlines especially during the busy quarter four season when customer orders go through the roof. Having people to help you sort, pack and ship in good time will ensure that your customers get their goods when they want them and make them more likely to purchase from you next time they are looking for a particular item.

    Websites to buy pallets from

    Selling pallets is a great way to make money. You can use it as one of your FBA income streams or turn it into a full time job where selling pallets becomes your sole source of income. However, I always recommend having your eggs in many baskets and not just pallets. Remember mixed pallets are a risk, just do your homework on what you are buying! Newer website but seems to be getting a lot of hype, they do provide you a full manifest and sometimes ASINs Another popular pallet site They are more targeted for Amazon sellers..
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    Good read! Plenty of info. I was thinking about buying a pallet but the risk involved is scareyyy lol I have watched some videos of people buying pallets that did well so I am interested, I just don't know if I will actually commit having someone help would be great since the whole eBay side of things could eat alot of my time!


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      hmmmmm not sure I am ready to tackle a pallet just yet. But this did open my eyes with good info. thx man!


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        Thanks for this very detailed information!


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          I am interested in getting stared in selling (returned or new merchandise on line) and was wondering about a few things.
          1. what is the cheapest anyone has purchased a lot for?. For example I see a lot on B-Stock Sourcing which has either no bids or only 1 bid that closes in roughly 1 hour. if you, again for example bid say $100 will you actually win the lot?
          2. And since I live 150 miles away from the closest selling warehouse, how much and again, approx does it cost for freight to get to me?


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            Hey jamiescoffee yeah 150 miles away is a big stretch Yes you will win that auction if the bid does not increase, but you will see an increase most the time because people have auto bid on to a certain amount so they can make bids being away. As for freight you should be able to get a shipping quote before you purchase and some companies offer a flat rate shipping.
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              Usually pallets are full of brand name items, how do you manage to put them on FBA? do you need permission from manufacturers? which category do you recommend me to start selling?


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                Violet You can sell branded items with Amazon FBA if they are not restricted. If you are just starting out I wouldn't recommend getting a pallet. To get your feet wet I would go do some retail arbitrage and learn what items you can resell. Brands have been cracking down more this year and restricting sellers to sell their product on Amazon.
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