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  • Got Tiered Up

    ​​​​​​I got tiered up from 25 too 100, there really is no formula to get tiered up. I have sold well over 25 shirts and different designs. Amazon manual selects accounts and tiers them up. I am sure it is a combination of things, but I really believe its random or they just have not got to your account yet.

    I keep up on other forums and I see posts about people selling over 400 shirts at 25 tier and others barely selling 25 and getting tiered up. It really is just a matter of time till a rep reviews your account and switches the button!
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    Mikey, how is your feedback. If you do a lot of sales without almost any feedback it may get you in trouble.


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      Praseto Feedback as in Reviews? If so, I really don't have much feedback. I haven't heard of getting in trouble for customers not leaving feedback, I don't think that is an issue.

      Do you have a Merch account?
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        What does it mean to get tiered up? What benefits do you gain by that?