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Getting To Know Category Rankings // Simple Tool Every FBA Seller Should Have

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  • Getting To Know Category Rankings // Simple Tool Every FBA Seller Should Have

    Knowing category rankings should be burned into your head and if you are new its understandable that you have no clue what they mean! Each one Amazon's categories goes by a different ranking system..

    The rankings for each category may appear to be the same.. For example: oh right on! this toy is ranked under 100,000! versus This Pet product is ranked under 100,000! whoaaaa

    So most people are told or heard anything under a 100,000 rank is good to go..Well that may be true but for any seasoned seller, he or she would know how fast that product is going to sell based on its rank and category..

    The Toy Product Ranked under 100,000 Sells around 23 a month

    The Pet Product Ranked under 100,000 Sells around 6 a month

    These are just two examples of different categories to show how the amount of products being sold are different in each category even at the same ranking..

    Why is this information key to your FBA Business?

    When you become familiar with category rankings you will have an upper hand on how fast a product will turn.. Most of us want that fast turn: Get in, Make Profit, Get Out, Repeat..

    Of course having a sense of all the category ranks takes time to master and they are always slightly changing.. That's where this free tool comes in handy, Jungle Scout has this neat category estimator, where you simply pick what category the product is in and imput the sales rank, the tool will then work its magic and give you a estimated number of how much its selling per month..

    You can head over to the tool here: JUNGLE SCOUT RANK ESTIMATOR

    Having this rank estimator is great on the computer but what about when you are out in the field sourcing? Here is an awesome method that I like to do..

    You can goto the website on your smart phone type in:

    Then you will want to 'Add To Home Screen'

    BAM! you have a sales rank estimator at your finger tips, this is very handy when you are not sure about a product and its ranking while doing retail arbitrage..

    Be the change you want to be!

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    Another great post!! thx mikey This tool added on my phone is a lifeeee saver lol!


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      I like it. And it it is free, now I like it even more. If you sell in same niches you will now the numbers by heart. But when I was doing baby steps that was good guide.