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How To Get Ungated In Grocery

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    I got the second shipment from ABdelivers. Send AMZ copy of the invoice.10 min later I got the generic response that I don't meet the criteria. Case closed. I will try for Beauty for 6th time tomorrow morning, as I think that during the day at least they look at the application.


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      Hello everyone, I am a new seller yay!
      I have been researching my butt off trying to figure the steps and process etc.
      So right now I have two things for sell one is a restricted item North American Rescue Military Issue Combat Application Tourniquet, I have 25 of them and in they are sitting there inactive so do I just need to do the same thing and try to find those items with ABDelivers send in three different invoices with industrial and scientific category?


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        Praseto that really sucks man! It seems they are just auto sending your request to get ungated for grocery to deny on every level without looking at it! While other categorize are on auto approve lol Amazon does some weird things

        I hope you have better luck with Beauty!


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          Hey, paulgwood congrats on being an Amazon Seller! and Welcome to the Forum.. I am a little lost on what you are trying to do.. If you don't mind, start a new topic here: FBA UNGATTING Since its s different type of ungatting we can better help you with a fresh topic
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            Hi Mikey - thanks for the interesting article. Just wondering if you have any advice for a foreign seller wanting to get registered in Grocery? Not sure if a wholesaler invoice from another country is acceptable? Actually want to sell PL on FBA in Grocery (a product unique to my country) - but it appears as if it would be very tricky to attempt to get ungated for a PL straight off the bat, and would seem to be easier to get ungated using the 3x wholesaler invoice approach - easier being a relative term given I'm not based in the US. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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              @Millers This is a whole new thread in its own.. If you don't mind could you post a new thread here: FBA UngatingI would be happy to help!
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                Hello Mikey,

                God.. I thought I am the only one that have problems in getting the grocery approval...
                I tried with walmart online but rejected.. twice.

                I am a new seller in Amazon and all of this is still new, MY problem is that I am from Canada... any suggestions of how to get the approval? do you or any one have a list of food wholesalers from Canada? Does Amazon accept any food wholesaler ?

                Is it a good idea to go to Niagara falls (US) and purchase groceries from 3 places and have the invoices...

                Sorry for all the questions, I hope to get the approval sooon!

                thank you for the great post



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                  global-trading Amazon has made it hard to get approval for grocery. The 3 stores you are thinking about buying from are they going to give you actual wholesale invoices or just receipts?

                  If they are receipts I wouldn't waste your time. Amazon will no longer accept receipts and some are still getting denied with real invoices! As for places in Canada I wish I could help but I don't know any myself.

                  Also are you selling on Amazon USA or Canada?
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                    Thanks Mikey.

                    i still dont know where to go in Niagara falls, I am open to hear suggestions and i will plan a trip to go there or even to Buffalo or somewhere around.

                    I am selling in the states, it is a better market as far I see it but I also consider do it here.

                    I already sent a new question to amazon regarding 3 food wholesalers in Toronto and I am waiting for them to confirm that I can buy from them.

                    Thank you so much for your help



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                      ​​​​​​Hey, Ron..

                      Yeah I wouldn't risk going to places unless they are a real distributor / wholesaler..

                      I agree selling in the states is your best bet, more traffic, more sales.. BUT it does not hurt to sell in other countries once you have it down.

                      When you say you submitted a question to Amazon, do you mean you asked if they accept the companies you want to buy from? Most questions that go to Amazon or phone calls are outsourced and you will always get a different rep and each rep is different..

                      Its a pain in the ass to get approved these days, if I were you I would start focusing on Q4 game plan. After the madness go back and try to get ungated ​​​​​​​
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                        Just to get you an update. To get accepted for beauty/ grocery you need an commercial invoice to your company with 100-150 pc of 3 item, preferably in separate invoices. If you don't have the money to buy all the may get stuck with some inventory.